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Did You Know?

Some Facts About the Climate

Fact #01

The reduction in pollution during the corona crisis lockdown showed how quickly the environment can recover. And the EU registered a 58% reduction in daily carbon emissions.

Fact #02

Cycling has instant benefits: You get a fresh air workout and reduce gas emissions - so at the end of a working day, why not give the car a miss and get on your bike!


Give your salon shades

Everyone looks cooler in sunglasses - even your salon. So tint your windows to help block UV rays and keep your salon cooler, which means less air-conditioning.

A one-person protest sparked a worldwide climate revolution!

Greta Thunberg is a young climate activist, who started the "School Strike for Climate" protests in Sweden. Promoting #fridaysforfuture with students from across the globe to demand politicians and corporations to take action on climate change.
*No one is to small to make a difference!