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New Indola Color Style Mousse

A unique mousse for versatile hair color changes

Hair fashion is often associated with the desire to change your look quickly and easily. Indola Color Style Mousse offers a solution with its unique range of mousses. This innovative product not only allows for a quick hair color change, but also combines the benefits of a styling mousse, offering endless services from refreshing to tinting, neutralizing, and much more!

Benefits and advantages of the new Color Style Mousse

  • Coloring and styling in one step – Offers flexibility in hair styling by enabling coloring and styling in one step.
  • Non-sticky and soft texture – The texture is non-sticky and soft, making it pleasant and easy to apply 
  • Easy to apply – Can be applied by hand, comb, or brush.
  • Comprehensive range of shades – A wide range of shades that can be mixed together allows for unlimited color possibilities, whether they are natural, pastel, or bold results.
  • Ready to use – The mousse is ready to use immediately, and its development time is short, only 0-10 minutes.

With Color Style Mousse, you can experiment with different hair colors and styles with ease. Change your look confidently, while also feeling care for your hair. Color Style Mousse is not just a hair color – it is a versatile tool that brings out your creativity and helps you express your personality. Try it and open the door to new possibilities in your hair styling!