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IGORA VIBRANCE is known for its stunning shine, nourishing formula, and pleasant fragrance without ammonia. The wide range of shades makes it extremely versatile and you can choose the application method with the help of the developer. Best of all, even though the color series has been renewed, its best features have not been changed.

IGORA VIBRANCE is now even more environmentally friendly, more nourishing, and more versatile. The new -00 shades offer more possibilities for Root Shadow techniques and silver coverage with exceptionally good demi-permanent coverage.

I think the technology upgrade for the light shades (9.5- and 10-) is simply brilliant. The integrated Bonding technology gives me confidence that after the light hair tint treatment, the hair will remain beautifully shiny and healthy-looking. Thanks to the low-alkaline formula, there is no fear of unwanted warmth when tinting with IGORA VIBRANCE shades, which is especially important when tinting highlights. I am most excited about the new 10-series shades, which allow for the tinting of very light hair so that the result remains beautifully bright.

I created a ready-made color package for you, which you can use to create shades, for example, with my favorite recipes!

Jutta Kirjavainen, Schwarzkopf Professional Trainer

Discover the renewed IGORA VIBRACE and its new color shades here

Discover the IGORA VIBRANCE color kit here, available January 15th onwards

Jutta Kirjavainen, Schwarzkopf Professional Trainer